A leg injury is typically caused by an unfortunate incident such as a fall, a slip, or a sporting mishap like the one illustrated below in a recent Yahoo! Sports news article. Initial treatment for a broken leg usually begins in a Cupertino urgent care clinic like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, where a doctor can evaluate the injury and perform the appropriate treatment for it.

“During his seven-year UFC career, Anderson Silva did things in the cage that few men could do, or would dare try. On Saturday, Silva once again did something rarely seen, though this time; it was a gruesome injury he suffered that likely will end his masterful career. Silva broke his left leg while throwing a kick at middleweight champion Chris Weidman early in the second round of their rematch Saturday in the main event of UFC 168 at the sold-out MGM Grand Garden.

Silva whipped a hard kick at Weidman, who checked it. Silva’s bone instantly snapped just above the ankle, as Silva collapsed in agony and Weidman backed off. The fight ended at 1:16 of the second round and Weidman retained the title via technical knockout, since Silva couldn’t continue. Doctors and paramedics placed a splint on his left leg and removed him from the cage on a stretcher.”

A broken leg, as with any injury, should be tended to before the patient reaches a doctor. Should you or someone you’re with suffer from a leg or ankle break, the following first-aid treatments can be done:

Cupertino Urgent Care Clinic: What You Can Do in Case of a Leg Injury

Cupertino Urgent Care Clinic: What You Can Do in Case of a Leg Injury

Rest and elevation
Do not let the patient put any weight on the leg. If swelling develops, have the patient lie down to rest and elevate the injured leg on some pillows. If the patient needs to get up, have him use crutches.

Ice can be used as an anti-inflammatory remedy. Apply ice on the injury for 20 minutes every hour until a doctor can take over. Prevent ice burns by placing a towel between the skin and the ice pack.

What to expect from an urgent care center
When you take a leg injury patient to a Cupertino walk-in clinic for treatment, the attending physician will most likely require an X-ray to determine if there is a fracture. If a fracture is confirmed, the physician will determine if treatment can be given at home or if the patient needs to be admitted. Immobilization is the treatment for most leg injuries. However, surgery may be used to implant internal fixation devices such as screws and plates to keep the bones in place during healing.

(Article excerpt and image from “End of an era: Anderson Silva’s career likely finished after Chris Weidman’s ‘Destruction’,” Yahoo! Sports, Dec. 29, 2013)