A PC Magazine article posted last February 18, 2014 reports that Apple was granted a patent for a health monitoring system that is integrated into earphones. Most consumer-oriented health monitoring systems that have come before were external devices meant to be worn while the user engaged in various fitness activities. The article highlights key features of the invention that set it apart from its predecessors:

Health Monitoring Earbuds

“Advantageously, the invention can provide monitoring capabilities within a hearing device,” the patent filing said. “Assuming the user is otherwise using the hearing device, such as to provide audio output by a portable media player, the user gains monitoring capabilities without requiring the user to wear or carry any additional article.”

Placing the “hearing device” in or near the ear—either as part of the earbud frame or the adjoining cord—would eliminate the need for a separate electronic device, like a wristband. According to Apple, the headphones could be wired or wireless; in the case of the latter, captured data would be transmitted wirelessly, as well.

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(Source: Apple Awarded Patent for Health-Monitoring Earbuds, pcmag.com, February 18, 2014)