Summer is a time when families get to spend more time together. The kids don’t need to get up early for school and instead, can play the whole day outdoors. Same goes for the teens and adults who can do whatever they want and go wherever they wish to for their much-needed R&R. These, however, cannot be said for people suffering from allergies, as exposure to certain allergens is limiting them in more ways than one.

the ugly truth about summer allergies

A research article posted in the Science Daily website explains the harsh reality concerning summer allergies, which affects countless Americans in areas like California, as well as other states across the country.

According to the ACAAI, pollen, mold and insect stings are common allergy culprits during the summer months. But fresh produce, such as celery, apples and melons, can also cause allergy symptoms. This is known as food pollen syndrome, cross-reacting allergens found in both pollen and raw fruits, vegetables and some tree nuts.

“Summer allergy symptoms can easily be mistaken for colds, food intolerances or other ailments,” said Dr. Foggs. “If your symptoms are persistent and last for more than two weeks you should see your allergist for proper testing, diagnosis and treatment. Finding and treating the source of your suffering can also clear up other unwanted symptoms.”

The best way of dealing with allergies is still prevention, which means avoiding the foods, insects, and other forms of allergens that will trigger a reaction on your body. Though that would be the ideal plan, it cannot always be helped and you still could be exposed to these allergens, one way or another. Knowing how to treat the allergic reactions is important, though sometimes, circumstances call for a little more help from reliable urgent care in Cupertino. The effects of allergies, especially in children, may cause panic among parents, which prompts some of them to take their children to the ER of the nearest hospital.

Minor allergic attacks though, can be treated just as well in reputable Cupertino urgent care centers, like the U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, with qualified physicians capable of attending to allergy attacks, not only during summer but the whole year round. Moreover, the expenses will not be as much compared to what you will be spending in the ER.

(Source: “The ugly truth about summer allergies,” Science Daily, June 10, 2014)