The first-ever Pedal for the Planet Ride in the City of Cupertino is all set to take off on April 30, 2016. Your entire family can do this a bonding activity as it’s open to kids aged 9 and above and their parents. During the 6-mile ride, you and your family can roam around schools and parks in celebration of the Earth Day Festival.

Though the event is guided by expert cyclists, you and your family should be prepared to avoid exhaustion or injuries that could require urgent care in Cupertino. While it’s encouraged to take it easy and just have fun during the ride, you should still know what to do in case of an emergency.


Here are some tips you can follow to deal with exhaustion or injuries:

Heat Exhaustion

If the ride is going to be on a bright sunny day, you need to be mindful of heat exhaustion. Symptoms include altered mental state that causes confusion, dizziness, fatigue, and drowsiness. Nausea and the feeling that you might throw up is another sign, as well as lighter skin accompanied by profuse sweating.

When your heart starts to beat too fast, it means that your body is going into overdrive because of exhaustion. When you spot any of these signs, take a rest in a place where you’re covered from the sun. Remove some of the clothing that may be hindering the blood flow. Hydrate yourself, but drink water in a steady pace. Fanning or wiping the skin with water could help the body’s temperature return to normal.

Muscle Cramps

Biking can cause muscle cramps due to fatigue, dehydration or overuse. This can be painful and some people’s instinct is to not move the affected part. However, the best way to deal with this is to relax and stretch the cramping muscle. Massaging it gently can help, too. Taking in fluids will also alleviate the cramps.

Cuts and Wounds

If you fall off the bike and sustain cuts and wounds, don’t ignore the bleeding. Apply pressure with a clean towel to stop the bleeding, and wash the wound to avoid infection. Don’t get on the bike again if the wound is still bleeding.

Keeping these tips in mind will allow you to take the necessary steps during an emergency. If ignored, heat exhaustion, cramps, and cuts and wounds can lead to a more serious problem. Still, the best way to have a safe bike ride is to condition and prepare yourself and your kids for the activity. In case of an injury or any other health issue that causes a concern, visit a Cupertino urgent care clinic for a checkup.



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