Summer is the season to enjoy some exciting activities in Cupertino. One of these is the Summer Concert Series happening at the Memorial Park Amphitheater starting in June. You can bring your friends or family and have a picnic while listening to music by different artists in the park. Though it’s definitely going to be a blast, don’t be too complacent and forget to take care of your health. Summer brings with it health risks because of the persistent high temperatures. In order to avoid seeking urgent care clinics, keep these tips in mind.

Drinking Water

Be Wary of Heat-Related Illnesses

When the body’s heat increases above its core temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, a part of the brain called the hypothalamus sends signals to other systems to release excess heat. This results in profuse sweating, labored breathing, and increased flow of blood to the skin. Heat-related illness occurs, however, when the body isn’t able to return to its normal temperature because the air temperature is too high. When you experience heat-related illness, you’ll suffer from various specific symptoms. For instance, dehydration can cause dizziness, headache, and cramps. Heat exhaustion may lead to fatigue, as you’re not replacing the amount of fluids your body is losing through sweating and urinating. If worse comes to worse, you may experience a heat stroke, which can make you confused and hallucinate. This is a severe condition that has to be treated by a doctor.

Treatments and Preventions

The first thing you should do when you or someone you know is dehydrated or suffering from heat exhaustion is to cool down the body. You can do this by resting in the shade where the temperature will be lower. Drinking plenty of water will help, as well as splashing some water across your face or wiping your body with water. When you go to an event and you know it’s going to be hot, bring a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated. You may also want to wear breathable, light- weight, comfortable clothes to deal with the heat better.  

The Summer Concert Series is definitely going to be a fun experience. Don’t let the heat ruin it for you. Once you feel any of the symptoms of heat illness, seek Cupertino urgent care immediately.

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