Yes, everyone loves fall. There are just too many great things that come with the season after all. You’ve got football, you’ve got pumpkin, and you’ve got a whole lot of apple cider to enjoy! At the same time, though, you’re also looking at a huge pile of leaves to rake and if you don’t get started soon, the work (and leaves) will just keep piling up on you.

Experts agree that the greatest danger about raking leaves during autumn season is that people don’t think much of it. They don’t realize that raking is a serious and strenuous physical activity that may require you to seek urgent care assistance in Cupertino if you don’t do it properly.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 1,100 people turn up every day in the fall in emergency rooms due to injuries sustained from raking leaves. Here are some of the injuries commonly sustained by patients.

Back Pain

Back Injury

There are number of reasons why you may end up hurting your back while you’re doing some raking in your yard. For starters, you may have not chosen the right rake for your size and this can result in you having to bend your back too much to the point that lower back starts to suffer significantly.

At the same time, you can also end up suffering from a back injury after you’ve lifted a number of bags incorrectly. Remember not to overfill them so that you don’t hurt your back when you carry them. As much as possible, drag the bags instead or load them up in a wheelbarrow.

Extension Injury

Over extending your muscles while you are raking leaves in your yard can result in a painful extension injury that can immediately disrupt all of your fall plans. To avoid this, remember to use short strokes when you’re raking.


Although not exactly a serious injury, you can suffer blisters in your fingers and hands if you handle your rake for long periods of time. To help avoid this, choose a rake that comes with a firm grip handle. Alternatively, you can also wear gloves that come with grips to make your job easier.

Eye Injury

When you’re raking leaves in your yard, debris around you can suddenly make their way to your eyes and cause significant irritation as well as inflammation. For your safety, you can choose to wear a pair of goggles while you’re raking your leaves.

Should you experience any of these injuries during your autumn clean-up, it’s advisable to immediately stop what you’re doing and seek help from a Cupertino urgent care facility right away. Stay safe and injury- free while clearing up your yard! 

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