With all of the cooking and activities going on during Thanksgiving, it’s amazing that accidents don’t happen more often. This should be a special time with family, not a catastrophic event where someone ends up injured. Here are some common Thanksgiving problems and ways to avoid them.


Everyone looks forward to the day when they can gather around a table, see familiar faces, and dig into some home-cooked meals. Because the food is so good, it is easy to overindulge. Although harmless most of the time, it could cause an irregular heartbeat. This is what many doctors call holiday heartbeat, causing surges in epinephrine.


To avoid this, eat your food slowly. It takes a while before your brain to realizes that you are full. Space out your bites and try to talk more during the meal. Stay hydrated as well, drinking water between each bite. Eating slowly is also important because it prevents food from getting lodged in your throat.


Considering food, contamination can also be problem, with disastrous consequences like food poisoning. This is not pleasant and could lead to days of being sick. Avoid this tragedy by taking certain precautions when cooking. Any time you touch raw meat, wash your hands immediately. This prevents you from transferring bacteria to other surfaces, or worse, people.

Before cooking, read all of the cooking instructions carefully. Know how long food needs to cook and at what temperature it needs to be. The slightest error could cause the food to go bad. In terms of the turkey, don’t leave it at room temperature for more than two hours if it is raw. Don’t wash the turkey either. All this does is spread contaminants around the kitchen sink and surrounding areas.

Urgent Care

If an accident or sickness occurs and it’s serious, be sure to utilize services offered by urgent care in Cupertino. These centers can treat illnesses and injuries, including broken bones and sprains.

The great thing about these centers is that no appointment is required. You can walk in as soon as the accident occurs, getting treatment as quickly as possible. These centers also have flexible hours, some of them even staying open on the weekends.

To maximize your Thanksgiving holiday, stay as safe as possible when cooking, cleaning, and hanging out with family. A Cupertino walk in clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks, is available in case you need medical assistance right away.

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