Urgent Care Tips for Families Participating in Run-for-a-Cause Events

During summer, plenty of sport-related activities are hosted throughout the country. Many for them are for a very good cause. One good example is the “Run for Great Schools” organized by the Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation. Taking place on the 29th of August, it is a 5K race that aims to raise money for the Cupertino Union School District. It will be open to residents of all ages and running levels in the district, and it will benefit more than 19,000 students. The starting point of the race is located behind Oaks Shopping Center and the finish line is at the Memorial Park. Families planning to participate at the event (or any other fun runs, for that matter) should heed these urgent care tips. Continue reading


Indigestion: When an Urgent Care Visit Is Needed After Eating Too Much

People who watch their weight may already be cautious about the restaurants they visit. Releasing their Xtreme Eating Awards “winners” recently, The Center for Science in the Public Interest make their decisions much easier. Through this list, the organization makes you aware of the restaurants serving meals with the highest calories counts. Continue reading

Cupertino Urgent Care: 4 Great Ways to Boost Your Energy for the Day

The Annual Cherry Blossom Festival honoring Cupertino’s sister city of Toyokawa, Japan, is a celebration of Japanese culture. This year’s event will be held at Memorial Park at Stevens Creek Blvd. and Mary Ave. in Cupertino, and is scheduled to run from April 25 to 26, Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Continue reading

Urgent Care in Cupertino and Its Importance in Dealing with Allergies

Summer is a time when families get to spend more time together. The kids don’t need to get up early for school and instead, can play the whole day outdoors. Same goes for the teens and adults who can do whatever they want and go wherever they wish to for their much-needed R&R. These, however, cannot be said for people suffering from allergies, as exposure to certain allergens is limiting them in more ways than one. Continue reading

Cupertino Urgent Care Clinic: What You Can Do in Case of a Leg Injury


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A leg injury is typically caused by an unfortunate incident such as a fall, a slip, or a sporting mishap like the one illustrated below in a recent Yahoo! Sports news article. Initial treatment for a broken leg usually begins in a Cupertino urgent care clinic like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, where a doctor can evaluate the injury and perform the appropriate treatment for it.

Rest and elevation

Do not let the patient put any weight on the leg. If swelling develops, have the patient lie down to rest and elevate the injured leg on some pillows. If the patient needs to get up, have him use crutches.

Urgent Care in Cupertino: How to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace


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It’s a fact that the accidents can happen at any time in the workplace. Even in the Silicon Valley, where many people work while sitting at a computer, injuries can happen. While it is still the employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe work environment, every employee should be aware of what to do should an accident occur.

When a workplace injury occurs, the affected employee must be brought to the closest medical facility for treatment. Cupertino urgent care, a center managed by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, can provide injury care services for the common workplace injuries described above, and more. Should you find yourself injured in or near Cupertino, you can visit a well-equipped Cupertino walk-in clinic for quick treatment.

Urgent Care in Cupertino: Gadgets No Match for Thorough Physical Exams

A PC Magazine article posted last February 18, 2014 reports that Apple was granted a patent for a health monitoring system that is integrated into earphones. Most consumer-oriented health monitoring systems that have come before were external devices meant to be worn while the user engaged in various fitness activities. The article highlights key features of the invention that set it apart from its predecessors:
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Efficient Urgent Care in Cupertino Can Mitigate Measles Infections

Thousands of California locals may have been exposed to measles recently when an unvaccinated individual, who was later found to have contracted the disease, rode the BART transit system, according to a special feature on NBC News on February 14, 2014. Following a previous outbreak of the flu virus, the state is hit by yet another epidemic, leaving little breathing room in between. The article highlights the severity of the rash:
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